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Oberon RSL Club

Saturday Nov 18th

Wrestle Strong Dojo hit Oberon RSL for the very first time with an exciting line up of talent for you. Be amazed at the high flying, the strong style and the technical wrestlers of the dojo as they bring you a great evening of fun. 

Tickets available at Oberon RSL for $5

Penrith Gaels 

Sunday Nov 19th

Wrestle Strong Dojo's final show of the year is at Penrith Gaels Club. Come join the fun. 

Dravens Crossface 

Going Nov 19th

Dean Draven's original Crossface Club title belt is going off in a raffle. Come grab some tickets and be there for the draw Nov 19 Penrith Gaels

Tag Titles to be defended in Japan


Team FTO took out the tag titles in October and the next title defences will take place in Japan with challengers already lining up 

Oberon RSL

Live Pro Wrestling Show: Come join the fun at Oberon RSL Nov 18th


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