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Wrestle Strong Dojo is a Professional Wrestling Events Promoter and Professional Wresting training School located in Werrington Downs NSW. Wrestle Strong Dojo is the first and currently on Australian wrestling company to sign a contrac to deliver regualar shows on FITE TV.

Wrestle Strong Dojo present live professional wrestling events around NSW and ACT  which showcase the schools Professional Wrestlers in partnership with the charity Fighters Against Child Abuse Australia. 

Wrestle Strong Dojo are free on FITE TV

The only Australian professional wrestling company on FITE TV Wrestle Strong Dojo have announced they are signing on to bring regular episodes of Wrestle Strong Dojo to FITE TV.

Wrestle Strong Dojo

Learn how to be a Professional Wrestler today

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Wrestle Strong Dojo  works in partnership with Fighters Against Child Abuse Australia to raise awareness and funds for the charity which provides support and advocacy for the victims of child abuse.


Wrestle Strong Dojo  recommends Knockout nutrition at Emu Plains for all your supplement needs,

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Dojo Address:

Werrington Downs NSW Australia


+61 401 838 216

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