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About Wrestle Strong Dojo

This Is How Our Story Began

Owner and head trainer of Wrestle Strong Dojo is retired professional wrestler "Amy Action." Prior to wrestling Lisa Amy had trained in a variety of martial arts from a young age, Starting in karate then switching to Universal Self Defense (USD)  Lisa was the first person at USD to receive two triple gradings followed by a double grading to quickly ascend to the higher belts.

Lisa Amy commenced Professional Wrestling training whilst furthering her fight training skills with Jiu-Jitsu and amateur wrestling. 

During her wrestling years Lisa Amy was the head trainer for ACW and then TWP promotions, training wrestlers such as Dean Draven, Jengis Kong and Will Phoenix.

Amy Action wrestled for 13yrs in the 90's and 2000's and was a pro wrestling trainer before retiring. Amy wrestled primarily in NSW and VIC Australia but also wrestled in the USA for a few Indy promotions. 

Amy was the predominant woman of Australian wrestling during her active years with long title reigns:

Titan Wrestling Promotions

TWP Australian Women's Championship (4 times)

Australian Championship Wrestling

ACW Australasian Women's Championship (1 time)

Australian Wrestling Entertainment

AWE Women's Championship (2002)

AWE Lord Of The Ring 2002 (1 time)

Junior Kickstart Wrestling

Australian Women's Championship (only women's title holder in their history)

Australian Wrestling Association

AWA Women's Championship (only women's title holder in their history)

World Wide Wrestling (Australia)

World Wide Women's Championship (only women's title holder in their history)

Amy also wrestled in both the men and women's division sometimes as Amy and sometimes under a masked gimmick called Kombat Karl.

During her active years she also ran a website researching and writing about the history of Women's Professional Wrestling from around the world and was always a strong advocate of furthering women's wrestling to have equal showcasing as men's.  

In 2018 Lisa Amy returned to Professional wrestling to open Wrestle Strong Dojo a professional training school focused on creating well rounded wrestlers skilled to be able to wrestle and wrestle against a variety of wrestling styles. 

The dojo also runs seminars with the best trainers in their fields including 2 x Commonwealth Games Athlete Carissa Holland and BJJ Black belt coach and Pro wrestler Adam Washbourne. 

In July 2019 Wrestle Strong Dojo partnered with the charity Fighters Against Child Abuse Australia to start running live Pro wrestling Shows featuring the Dojo's wrestlers. 

amy sherri.jpg

1970s Veteran Sherri Sinatra and Amy Action in 2000


Lisa Amy Oxford


Owner / Head Trainer

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