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Pro Wrestling Promotion Ring Hire for Filming

A 16ft breakdown style pro wrestling ring that breaks down into half-sized pieces (8ft) for transport and carrying. The breakdown style ring has a coil spring in the center of the ring.


These are Pro Wrestling rings and require a flat surface since there are 9 poles that are touching the ground.  This style would not be recommended for using outside without a flat, firm surface to sit it on.


The ring floor height is 36". 

Pro Wrestling Promotion Ring Hire

A 14ft low to the ground pro wrestling ring that with 14ft long boards.

This Pro Wrestling ring is suitable for venues with low ceilings or outdoors but it does require a flat surface.


All rings are measured outside edge to outside edge so a 14ft ring will be 14ft on the outside and 12ft inside the ring ropes.


The ring floor height is 16 inches. 

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