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WSD in Japan so far!

If you’re keeping up with the WSD news, you will be aware that WSD was invited to Japan to show off the power that’s in WSD and also Australian Wrestling!

Last Sunday on the 17th of September, we got to witness Dean Draven and Joey Foxx make their wrestling debut in Japan at the company Ryukyu Dragon Pro-wrestling!

In this match we saw Joey Foxx team up with a Japanese wrestler called Ultra Soki, who faced against Dean Draven and Ryukyu dog dingo.

This match was once to watch!! We saw some hard hitting action, it was fast paced, and very strong styled wrestling, we got to see Joey and Ultra Soki team up, we got to see Dean and DIngo team up, and show the power and strength from both teams!

The match ended with Joey Foxx and Ultra Soki winning by DQ due to Dingo losing control and bringing in a kendo stick and attacking Joey, Ultra and even the referee!

Well done to both teams on putting such a good show that the crowd went wild for! And even the WSD went wild for while watching it live!

This has been a great opportunity for both Dean Draven and Joey Foxx! And the WSD family couldn’t be more proud and happy for them both, if you didn’t get the chance to watch the show live don’t stress!! We have you covered! Hit the link below that will take you to the YouTube channel, go watch, go hit like, and even subscribe cause you never know when or who could be there next from WSD!

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