Wrestle Strong Dojo are a registered CovidSAfe Wrestling events Management Company with experience in delivering excellence in COVIDsafe wrestling events 


    Wrestle Strong Dojo provide quality family friendly entertainment to clubs in NSW and ACT with their vibrant exciting entertainment brand, If you manage club events contact us for further information on how the dojo can help you in creating a successful event. 


    Wrestle Strong Dojo has the festival experience to bring your festival, agriculture show or community outdoor event to a new exciting level of family fun. Contact us now to learn more. 


    Wrestle Strong Dojo form strong partnerships with top tier organizations including our partnership with the charity Fighters Against Child Abuse Australia and . were the first Australian Wrestling company to sign a deal  with FITE TV for a weekly TV show.


    Wrestle Strong Dojo have a robust COVIDSAFE plan and experience in running COVIDSAFE events.

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Dojo Address:

Werrington Downs NSW Australia


+61 401 838 216

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