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Penrith Gales Are You Ready?

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, WSD fans and family! Are you ready! Have you got your seatbelts on ready for a wild ride??

Coming to Penrith gales Sunday 21st of April we have our show coming up!! We have a bell time of 2.30pm with a heap of hard hitting action.

We have a match up between Aragon the Ladiesman, also named by fans the GOAT facing off with a special guest coming from QLD EC Brownie in a Heavyweight Clash! Who is going to take the win? The Local GOAT or the Invader from QLD

We will also see a three way between the WSD odd but intimidating masked character Omen facing the Brother of Jesus, Tony Sin, with the well know QLDer Shep Alexander, we have seen Tony Sin in some tough action regularly in the WSD company, well also seeing Shep making his presence know also! Who are you wanting to win this three way?

We will get to see, and I am sure you have all been waiting to see this match, a Heavyweight championship match between the champ himself Joey Foxx, a well loved and loudly cheered champ, facing an equally loved DB Robertson, will the Foxx keep his title? Or will DB stand for Double Belt Robertson?

The Last match that has been announced so far is the Powerhouse Remi putting out an Open challenge, recently crowned the WSD women’s champ, she has a lot to prove, who will answer the call? Who is willing to take on the Powerhouse? Who do you want to see?

There will be much more action, there will be more people to see, so get your tickets, get your friends and family and come join us for a GREAT afternoon of entertainment, see you there!!

Stay safe, stay kind, and stay Magical.

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