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WSD In Japan!

Wrestle strong Dojo goes to Japan!! That’s right ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, some of your favourite wrestlers are going to Japan to represent the wrestle strong dojo company.

Wrestle strong dojo was invited to travel to Japan and get the chance to showcase what we have to offer in the wrestling industry.

We have the crowd favourite Joey Foxx, the Australian wrestling legend Dean Draven, the ladies man Aragon, Remi the wrestle strong dojo powerhouse in the women’s division and the New Zealand representative MĪKARA, Along with the head trainer having 28 years of experience in and out of the ring Amy Action.

You may of seen the posters and photos being shared by the FTO company ran by A-ji Skull, who has come to wrestle strong dojo and shown off his power with Yoshida Mitsuki.

This show is a big showcase for the FTO 20th Anniversary, with many talents from Japan!

On top of that Dean Draven and Joey Foxx have the chance to also go wrestle for Ryukyu Dragon Pro wrestling!! Which is ran by none other than Ryukyi Dog, who had also made appearances at Wrestle strong dojo!

We know the guys and girls are going to do the wrestle strong dojo proud and show them what we have, good luck guys!!

So keep Your eyes out, so you can see your favourites representing not just wrestle strong dojo, but also Australian professional wrestling.

Ryukyu Dragon Pro wrestling

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