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WSD comes to Tuncurry

You read that right ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Wrestle strong dojo is coming to Tuncurry for their first show in the area on the 15th July 2023!

The wrestle strong dojo crew are heading to the Tuncurry Memorial hall, the home of not just one fan favourite wrestlers but two! That's right Two of the wrestle strong dojo fighters call Tuncurry their home town, Joey Foxx and Adam FACAA .

We will have a big line up of some of, if not the best of the professional wrestlers coming to you Tuncurry! Bell time is 7.30pm. It's a family friendly fast past, hard hitting action that is perfect for a Saturday night out!

you will get to see hometown boy Joey Foxx defend his Heavyweight champion title against his former Tag Team partner Aragon, the human tank. These guys have some deep hate for each other, you can expect an explosive match between these two, with a lot of back and fourth hard hits, some high flying from the Flying Foxx and some powerhouse slams from the Tank himself, will Joey Foxx be able to chanel the support from his hometown?

You will also get to see the protector of the innocent, in his home town Adam FACAA in a three way match against the always laughing and creepy moving Omen, and a member from the cross face club Captain Crossface himself, this will be an interesting match, not only does Adam need to keep an eye on one opponent but he needs to keep his eyes out for a second, but surely with the crowd backing him up in his home town he will be able to pull a win.

In another match up we will see the Blue Roo country boy taking on the Australian wrestling Legend himself Dean Draven, DB Robertson will be defending his newly won Fighters belt against Dean Draven. DB is a fast moving athletic competitor but Dean Draven has 25 years of in ring experience and is known to be one of the hardest hitting wrestlers, will the Blue roo be able to show why he is the fighters champion?

On top of all the exciting matches that are already being offered on such a big night the Tuncurry Fans will get to see a match up between CRSM who has been making a big impact and statement on the wrestle strong fans going up against Mikara, the New Zeland warrior, will his haka be able to put the fear into CRSM and help him get the win?

And lastly we have the women's title match announcement! Freya Fury has been making a hell of a statement since winning the women's title, Remi and Freya faced not long ago and Remi has demanded a rematch after the last show claiming her shoulders where up in the pin that won Freya the match, and in true Women's champion style Freya has happily accepted the rematch, this will be one hell of a match to see, the women of wrestle strong dojo show just how tough they can be, and maybe even possibly tougher then the guys?

Don't miss out on your chance to see this amazing debut show of wrestle strong dojo in Tuncurry for the first time! Get your tickets! Get your family! Get your friends and come watch some local wrestlers and others fight till they can't fight anymore.

Tuncurry Saturday 15th July, 7.30pm Bell time, Memorial Hall!

Be safe, be happy, and remember, only the strong survive.

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