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Tony Sin

Who is Tony sin for the WSD fans who may not know?

Tony : I know Australia is a Godless land but I assume you’ve at least heard of Jesus. Well not many people know but he had a twin brother, outcasted at a young age for being too righteous. His name was Tony Sin.

Lol okay, so where did Tony Sin, Jesus twin brother, start his Career?

Tony : In the far away land of Great Wymondley, at a school high up in the mountains where not many could stand the bad altitude. Most of my days were spent learning underneath the old wise Ashe tree

That sounds really interesting! What was it that got Tony Sin into wrestling?

Tony : Revenge

And who would that revenge be against?

Tony : This new generation of pagans. People who have dragged wrestling down into the sewers. And finally, to reclaim Australia as mine once more.

What would be your biggest inspiration in the wrestling world?

Tony : First and foremost, myself. Also the thought that anyone could think they were better than me.

That’s fair to say you being your biggest inspiration, what are your goals that you have for your career?

Tony : World domination. Having already conquered Britain my sights have now turned to Australia and WSD. I intend to hold the triple crown simultaneously, cleansing anyone who stands in my path along the way.

What have you conquered in Britain? What have your biggest achievements been?

Tony : I have just come off the back of the greatest championship reign in UBW history. First ever Punjabi Prison match to be hosted in the UK. And, of course, I hold the record for most consecutive blessing in a single hour.

So it would be fair to say, that the future of Tony Sin is a bright and blessed one, what would you say the Future for Tony sin is?

Tony : Championships. I won’t stop until I’ve won gold on every continent. Australia needs cleansing, Japan needs cleansing, and it goes without saying that the cesspit known as the USA needs cleansing.

Looks like you have you eyes on the gold, and we can’t wait to see what you do, would it be fair for me to assume you’re coming back to WSD soon?

Tony : I’ve never made a promise I couldn’t keep but let’s just say I have unfinished business. Joey Foxx, we’re not done. DB Robertson, we’re not done. Adam FACAA, you’re not the saviour of the children - TONY SIN IS THE ONE TRUE SAVIOUR.

That is some strong words, well the WSD crew will be keeping their eyes out for you, and I’m sure the WSD fans will be also. Any chance you would be able share when we can be expecting you, or is it a secret for now?

Tony : Tony Sin is omnipresent so I’m with you at all times but don’t forget strange things happen around Halloween

That’s very interesting, as the WSD fans know in October we have a big show going on with some international wrestlers coming over from Japan, maybe we will see you also.

With that Tony Sin, I would like to thank you so much for doing this interview, I’m sure your a very busy person, so taking this time out of your day means a lot to the WSD fans, and hopefully from the sounds of it, we will see you soon.

Tony : Go forward in the name of Sin, my child.

Make sure you go and follow Tony Sin on his socials in the links below, and just like the rest of you, I am looking forward to seeing what Tony Sin has in store. Thank you for reading, make sure you follow Wrestle strong dojo on all social media’s, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Be safe, be happy and remember Only The Strong Survive.

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