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The Hot Shot

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, all the wrestle strong fans and family, your favourite hot shot is coming back to town for the weekend!!

You know his name, he is everything your not Banjo Powers!!!

I had the chance to ask him some questions about the upcoming events this weekend, the first show being Saturday 18th November at Oberon RSL club bell time is 7.30pm, then Sunday at the Penrith Gales club 19th November with bell time being 3pm.

So you’re coming back to wrestle strong dojo this weekend, how are you feeling about it?

"I'm feeling pretty pissed off actually after finding out my Jr heavyweight championship has been retired. The only reason I said yes was to come back take what belongs to me 😡. But I have been given the opportunity to face the other champions of wrestle strong and i know for a fact those guys can fight and if there's one thing I love (other then my Jr heavyweight championship) it is a punch on. At the end of the day You can take the boy out of Penrith but you can't take Penrith out of the boy, Next question”

I’m sure the wsd fans can understand what you’re talking about Do you have anything to say to the WSD fans that are all excited to see Banjo Powers back!?

"I'll see you at the merch table Buy my shirts, And if you don't remember me you will by the end of the night.”

I’ll definitely be getting a shirt, What do you have to say to your opponent DB Roberson for Saturday night at Oberon?

"You see, when I knew db Robinson he was "ooooooooooooooh I'm hungry" now he's a blue Roo. It's good to see him hopping about wrestle strong. But you see, he may be a blue roo but I'm a deadly barracuda and the tables have turned because now IM HUNGRY!, Im Hungry for that wsd fighters championship, hungry to see the how far DB has come, hungry to see if db has the DAWG in him, We find out in oberon."

Looking forward to seeing what you both can do, What do you have to say to Joey Foxx coming to your match against him on Sunday at Penrith gales?

"Ah yes, young Joseph. This Sunday  the Penrith Gaels, the place where we  are gonna blow the roof off my old pokie den. It's gonna be like rocky 3, he's Rocky and I'm Mr T! I'm coming in like a wrecking machine Jospeh. I'm coming for the heavyweight title, I'm coming for you sucka, I want the gold. But I also want a fight. I wanna see what you learnt in Japan, I wanna see if Joseph really has stepped up or if he's all talk. Sunday we play Joseph."

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