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El Mas Announcement

With the recent announcement of El Mas retirement, we took the chance to talk to El Mas and ask him some questions.

Hello El Mas Thank you so much for taking the time to answer some questions, it’s with a sad heart that you had to announce recently, at Penrith gales, your retirement, is there anything else you would like to add on for anyone who didn’t get the chance to see your announcement and could you also tell us about how many years have you been doing wrestling, and what other backgrounds do you have that has helped you along the way?

Hola Jessie of Mystic, I first began training in lucha libre in 2008 before some shoulder injuries saw me sidelined. I began training in Muay Thai soon after and if I wasn't in the ring I was in the gym. I transitioned back into the professional ranks in 2019 with Wrestle Strong Dojo.

During your years of being in the ring, can you tell us about what some of your favourite matches have been?

I was lucky enough to debut in a main event at Lithgow against Dean Draven, who had already won the Ironfest Cup earlier that day. He chopped me so hard I thought my lungs were going to explode! What made that match so memorable was not only the first time wrestling in front of an Australian audience but that as the match progressed the crowd grew larger and larger. Word had gotten around about this powerhouse fighting some Mexican and by the end it was standing room only.

Who have you found to be some of your best and hardest opponents?

Dean Draven will always be my favourite opponent as I feel we brought the best out in each other. Two hombres unwilling to take a backwards step. Our heavyweight title clash at Penrith Gaels will go down in legend, even if he did try and take my head off!

We know you have tagged with some Different people, who have been some of your favourite people to tag with?

Fighting overseas talent is always a challenge so being able to step in the ring and compete against Ryukyu Dingo Dog is a treasured memory of mine. I was able to give him my all in a tag match that included the aforementioned Draven and a reluctant tag partner and future rival, Banjo Powers. Speaking of the "Hot Shot" it was he who I last eliminated at the Rumble in The Rigg to earn the Coin of Chance. Winning that rumble gave me the confidence to take that opportunity and become the Heavyweight Champion.

El mas has been one of the most loved wrestlers at wrestle strong dojo, what has been some of the best moments with your fans, and also your funniest moments with your fans?

Wrestle Strong Dojo has the best fans in the world. After every match, no matter how bruised and battered my body would be our fans would lift me back up with their cheers and words of encouragement. Seeing the smile on the face on every niño and niña was easily the highlight of my career. The two most emotional responses from the crowd would have to have been walking out to our home crowd at Penrith Gaels as Heavyweight Champion and running the gauntlet on my return from injury at the first WSD Singleton Show.


If you had the chance, who would El Mas Terribles’ dream opponent be, and dream tag team partner and with being so involved with wrestling, what has that taught you about life, and have you felt you have achieved you goals or any goals you had set for yourself for wrestling?

Unfortunately, my career has been cut short due to a severe neck injury. Without my wrestling training, which dedicates so much time to strengthening your neck I don't know how bad the injury might have become. I'm thankful for the career that I have so thoroughly enjoyed, and I have no regrets, only memories. I do wish that I had the chance to wrestle in Japan and would have loved to compete for the AWA Heavyweight Championship, and the list opponents is too long to mention.


With the standing ovation at the gales show where the locker room came out and cheered you on and showed you the love and respect they have for you, what do you have to say about the wrestle strong dojo locker room, and who do you think the fans have to watch?

There are so many talented people I had the pleasure of facing between the ropes and so many more in the WSD locker room. Keep an eye out for DB Robertson. The sky is the limit for that man.

We wish you the best of luck, we hope you start mending and feeling better and hope to see you again soon, with all the love and respect from the wrestle strong family, Fans and wrestlers, we thank you for putting on such great matches, supporting the new wrestlers and showing nothing but love for everyone.

Muchas Gracias to all.

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1 commentaire

Jess Ligertwood
Jess Ligertwood
21 déc. 2022

We love you El Mas!! Thank you for putting on such amazing matches for my family

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