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Australia Vs Canada Pitt Town

Australia vs Canada Pitt Town Sporties

Pro Wrestling at Pitt Town Sporties!!!

Wreste Strong Dojo come to Pitt Town Sporties for the very first time with Wold Wrestling Titles on the line as The Torture Chamber Dojo (Canada) come to Australia to take on the finest from Wrestle Strong Dojo (Australia)

Friday 11th August 2023 at 7.30pm. (Doors Open at 7pm)

Wrestlers scheduled to appear:

Canada: Dru Onyx - Current British Commonwealth Champion / Torture Camber founder/trainer / invited Guest WWE trainer / Guest WWE producer / Dark Side of the Ring Actor playing Abdul the Butcher

Austalia: Joey Foxx current WSD Heavyweight Champion, WSD 1st Grand Slam champion

Canada: Chocolate City: Current Canadian Tag Team Champions

Australia: Dean Draven: Australian wrestling legend

Canada: McKenrose Irish bred TCPW female wrestler

Australia: DB Robertson WSD Fighter's Champion

Doors open at 7:00pm

Pitt Town Sporties: 139 Old Pitt Town Rd, Pitt Town

Note: When you purchase your tickets Your Email Confirmation of your order is your ticket.

Your Name will be on the door list.

Please bring ID

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