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Joey Foxx

Hey Joey, thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview, let's get straight to it Who is Joey foxx?

Joey : Simple, I’m a boy of the beach’s and a man of my word. I’m THE ONE THE ONLY. A true G. I believe in hard work beats talent. I’m a guy that will do anything to get to the top. And if you cross me… you’ll get foxxed.

And we can see that you have been putting in that hard work, Where did Joey foxx start?

Joey : In the great land of wrestle strong dojo

And At what age and how did Joey foxx get into wrestling?

Joey : Ahh you know just the classic wrestling story I loved it as a kid then I fell out of love with it when I was around 7 then one day when I was about 14 I happened to come across it on tv and I’ve been wrestling my Sylvester the cat teddy on the trampoline ever since. Although these days the closest thing I get to wrestling a teddy bear is wrestling Aragon.

Hahahah and you both put on such a great fight, what is your Biggest inspirations:

Joey : Ahhh… to be honest that’s a really tough question. You know I could just say my parents and be super generic but to me nothing and quiet frankly no one inspires me to wrestle and excel in my craft quiet like wrestling itself. To me the most rewarding thing is getting better at what I do. I mean obviously there are definitely people that I look up to in this industry. People like Dean Draven and Amy Action, then you’ve got people like DB Robertson that constantly make me want to train harder to become the best performer I can be. And then obviously you’ve got guys like HBK The Undertaker Cena Orton Triple H Rock you know the guys I watched growing up that initially got me into wrestling.

I agree so much love and respect to Dean Draven and Amy Action, it's great to see it's wrestling itself that inspires you, what are your Goals in your career:

Joey : My goals with professional wrestling are plain and simple. When people name their Mount Rushmore of professional wrestling, I’m gonna be one of the people they put in it. As simple as that.

I believe that you will one day be one of many peoples Mount Rushmore, What is your future:

Joey : Depends whether you’re talking immediate future or overall future. My immediate future it’s I’m going to beat Aragons ass in Tuncurry on July 15. My overall future though I would say is not only becoming a household name in this industry, but have a hall of fame worthy career on an international scale. And hey maybe one day I’ll even wear a shirt with sleeves. Never say never aye hahaha

Hahahah wearing sleeved shirts would be an interesting goal to see if you will achieve it, and I’m sure the WSD fans will be waiting to see your WWE debut, but until then, is there anything you want to say to the WSD locker room and the fans of WSD?

Joey : Yeah actually this would be a good time to put it out there, I’m not actually doing anything after this. So Does anyone want to hit the gym with me?

Hahaha, well you read it here Fans, Joey Foxx is always looking for people that want to hit the Gym with him, and has some big goals in sight, thank you so much Joey for doing this interview.

make sure you go and follow Joey Foxx on his socials, and don't forget to like and subscribe to our YouTube channel to see Joey Foxx in some of the most intense and high flying matches coming out of Wrestle strong Dojo.

Till next time Fans, Be safe, Be happy and remember only the strong Survive.

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